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Saturday & Wednesday Markets

Saturday Hours:  Currently open every Saturday 8a-1p
Wednesday Hours: Currently open every Wednesday 9a-1p
Location: 5757 North Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85012
Contact: Bo Mostow 602-859-5648 (call or text)
Customer Service:
Apply to be a Vendor: Send application to

Online Marketplace

Online Orders Due Weekly: Every Wednesday by midnight
Orders Delivered: To your home, refrigerated truck, every Saturday
Contact: Rachel Manley 602-456-9591 (call or text)
Customer Service:
Apply to be a Vendor: Send application to

Call or Text
(602) 456-9591
5757 N Central Ave,
Phoenix AZ 85012

**Please Note! This is not a store-front to walk-in, and there are no hours for visitation or to purchase goods. The property is owned & operated by our community partners: North Phoenix Baptist Church, and we simply pop in and out, once a week, for a few hours to operate this curbside/delivery service to your home.
  • Place your order every Wednesday for
    • curbside pickup or
    • home delivery the following Saturday.
  • If 'curbside pickup' is selected: please plan to pick up your order between the hours of 9a-1p the following Saturday (any items not picked up by 1p will be donated with no refund)
  • If 'home delivery' is selected: please be home to receive your order during the set delivery timeframe (after items are dropped at the doorstep, one text will be sent, after which we will continue our delivery route and will no longer be responsible for your items).

Uptown Holiday Calendar & Closures

Uptown Holiday Calendar & Closures