Open every
Sat: 8a-1p
Wed: 9a-1p

Open every
Saturday: 8a-1p
Wednesday: 9a-1p

Apply to be a Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at Uptown!  Please read all of these points before submitting an application:
1. We are currently accepting applications for food vendors only.  If you have a unique idea for the market it is always welcome.
2.  We place a high value on vendor consistency, timeliness and friendliness — if you struggle with any of these, then this market is likely not a good fit for you.
3. We enjoy a relaxed market vibe and do not allow standing outside of your booth, or to calling out loudly to customers.  We prefer you to bring great signage, a relaxed attitude and a good smile.  If you are a vendor who embraces a more aggressive selling technique this market is likely not a good fit for you.
4.  We are completely full (with long wait lists) in the categories of jewelry, soap and body products, essential oils, perfumes and clothing.  We are no longer accepting applications for these products. 
5.  There is no opportunity to display or sell any items that contain Hemp or CBD on this property.  Should this rule ever change, we already have a 30+ wait-list and are no longer accepting applications for these products.  
6.  We do not accept applications for food items that have been heavily processed, including items made in a factory by a machine (such as vitamins, supplements, protein powders, weight loss shakes or drinks, muscle building endorsements, etc).
7.  We respect that this property already houses a 2-floor gymnasium and exercise facility and thus do not accept applications from other fitness institutions.
8.  We do not offer tabling opportunities, for nonprofits or other groups that are not in some way relevant to farmers market.
If you are still interested, please read through the Rules and Regulations below.  Then download the application, read in entirety, and email pages 4 and 5 to:  In the subject line type:  NEW VENDOR APPLICATION
This is a very large market, operated by a very small crew.  We always have a high influx of new applications, and often fall behind.  Don’t be afraid to send reminder nudges, via email or text, it’s very helpful for us and decreases your frustration in waiting as well 🙂
Thank you!