Open every
Sat: 8a-1p
Wed: 9a-1p

Open every
Saturday: 8a-1p
Wednesday: 9a-1p

Uptown Farmers Market is a food-based farmers market and gathering place dedicated to inspiring and educating home cooks through Arizona local produce, handmade foods and handcrafted goods.

This Saturday farmers market is run year-round, by a very small crew, in the heart of Phoenix, which allows us frequent face-to-face connection with our Arizona producers.  This means that we have personally met, and correspond directly with, every single local grower, farmers, baker, creator and producer that you see listed on our website. 

We also operate an online marketplace which offers refrigerated home delivery of all your local favorites every Saturday.  Each item in our online cart was harvested, baked or produced fresh the day or two before arriving at your home.  We hope you enjoy this service, and would love to hear any feedback!

Thank you for supporting these local Arizona makers!  And thank you to the North Phoenix Baptist Church for loving local, and for being such a wonderful, supportive community partner.



5757 North Central Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85012
Call or text: 602-859-5648