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The Sandwich Apprentice

The Sandwich Apprentice

Alex Schreivogel
A True Arizona


As a true Arizona native, Alex can say that he’s one of a dying breed. Having grown up in a place with amazing weather, he’s learned to love all the outdoors has to offer. Amongst his favorite things to do are: camping, fishing, and hiking. When he’s not cooking at Persepshen, he’s cooking at home for his incredible, loving girlfriend and his beautiful daughter who is 15 going on 21. Alex likes a good beer, but if he were forced to choose a favorite drink, coffee wins every time.


Not just stuff between bread


When he's not proofing bread, stuffing sausage or creating the next new sandwich trend you can find Alex holding down the Sous Chef position (since opening) at Phoenix's Persepshen.

Alex is more than willing to talk to you about private events and catering. While his passion and heart is stuffed between two pillowy pieces of bread, he's spent the past 28 years learning the in's and out's of the culinary world developing his own take on fresh, local & from scratch cooking.