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Open every
Saturday: 8a-1p
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Terra Market

Terra Market


Terra Market is a collection of Arizona Ranchers, farmers, and chefs who have come together to introduce unique and delicious products to you. Created as a platform to support local artisan food purveyors, we strive to make unique, quality products more easily accessible. Whether you live in a quiet town or a bustling metropolis, find "local" favorites and get them delivered right to your door.

Along with many other delicious local delicacies, we sell 100% Terra Heritage Wagyu beef, all humanely and pasture raised in Arizona and USDA certified. By focusing on such high quality products, we hope to enhance your home culinary experience and help create lasting memories of family and friends with food brought directly to you, from our farm to your table.


Born and raised in small town Illinois, Michael Stalter grew up spending his days with his father at their family’s grocery store. It was there that he found his passion for fine food and sharing it with others; there was something special about introducing unique and delicious products to people. After moving to Arizona and spending years in the business world, Michael decided that it was time to get back to his roots. Dreaming of a way that he could once again bring food into people’s homes, he began to develop an online marketplace. This led him to Terra, where he was introduced to Arizona ranchers, farmers, and chefs. Together, they created Terra Market as a platform to support local artisan food purveyors and make their unique products more widely available.