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Open every
Saturday: 8a-1p
Wednesday: 9a-1p


Southwest Aquaponics Farm

Southwest Aquaponics Farm We pride ourselves in offering fresh produce and fish to customers in Arizona and across the United States.
We use Tilapia to fertilize a variety of crops and herbs. Tilapia is a perfect fish for aquaponics because of its rapid growth, large size, and because it tastes great. Tilapia are easy to raise and we can market them to restaurants, market basket customers, and they are a favorite in ethnic markets.
All of our tilapia, vegetables and other plants are grown using the techniques of aquaponics. A self-contained process which grows crops and fish together in a re-circulating system. Free from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO’s, and growth hormones.
Half the work of a dirt garden. Less expensive than a fish aquarium. Start small and grow big. No back breaking labor. Grown under conditions you control. Good for the environment.