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Sonoran Scavengers

Sonoran Scavengers Five years ago, I started collecting mesquite pods and taking them down to Tucson to try to get it milled into flour. I started harvesting other things like Palo Verde as well; seeing that no one would mill these things for us we knew we had to find a way to doing it ourselves for our own use. Turns out we had plenty extra and decided to sell it at a local farmers market on Sundays. After two years we started to work the bigger farmers markets in the greater Phoenix area.

Since then we have started harvesting on a regular basis. After working in the healthcare field for over twenty years and seeing all the intolerances to gluten, I knew I wanted to create a better alternative then buying things that tasted like over processed cardboard. Seeing the demand for healthy alternatives lead to finding ways to provide delicious choices without all the chemicals, refined sugars and over processing.

Today we have over ten sources of gluten free flours, spices from the Sonoran Desert, and jams and jellies made from Arizona fruits, and local honey. We believe in keeping things simple and pure.