Open every
Sat: 8a-1p
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Open every
Saturday: 8a-1p
Wednesday: 9a-1p


Rovey Sheep Dairy

Rovey Sheep Dairy

Rovey Family Farms and Rovey Dairy are owned and operated by the Rovey family. Paul and Deborah Rovey, along with their five children, manage the cows, the land and their team of employees.

We are dedicated to providing you with wholesome, nutrient-dense, high-quality milk, dairy products, Wagyu Beef and Lamb.
Our commitment to quality also means caring for our animals and the land.

In 1943, Emil Rovey, Paul’s father, purchased the farm where Rovey Dairy currently operates. Today, we are surrounded by urban development. We take great pride in being a good neighbor while producing dairy and meat products for your family to enjoy.