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Pots from Clay

Pots from Clay Wattanee Audrain’s wheel-thrown kitchen pottery is not only useful but beautiful, too. “With pottery, every stage is extremely fragile. Even with proper planning and control, the outcome may not be exactly what you had in mind.

Since I have been throwing pottery, the work I enjoy making the most are the ones that are appealing to the eye and have functionality. When I create my art, I always think of who is going to own the piece after I am done creating. My husband has commented a number of times regarding some pieces that have not been sold after many times at the market. I always tell him there is an owner out there it just takes time to match the owner with the work.

All of my pottery is designed to be food and dishwasher safe as well as microwaveable. I am told by many customers that one of the things they really appreciate is being able to cook and serve in the same dish.”