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Our Thai Vegan Delights

Our Thai Vegan Delights Our Thai Vegan Delights’ Focus is on exquisite authentic Thai flavor with the healthier way of food preparation and ingredients without animal products.

My name is Wattanee Audrain. I am the little chef of Our Vegan Delights and I also am the potter who creates the functional art of Pots from Clay ( I was born and raised in Thailand. I came to America with the objective of pursuing my master’s degree from an American University. I did graduate with my master’s degree from Arizona State University. Growing up, I did not know how to cook but had always been around my grandmother who loved to cook. I could feel that her foods were always prepared with special ingredients that were Loved and Enjoyed.

She sometimes allowed me to play with food by pretending to be the little vendor serving food to all family members. That moment I came to realize I love touching food and love playing with food. I love to create with freedom another word create without any restriction. I have always been curious, replacing original ingredients with the healthier substitute ingredients but at all times I will not forget to add my two secret ingredients which are Love and Enjoy.

My returning customers are the greatest reward I have received in exchange for my hard work in the kitchen. My intention and vision with Our Vegan Delights are to be uniquely flavorful with healthier ingredients without any animal products being added.

Special thanks to all my customers who have been supporting me from the beginning and continue to visit me at the market.

I sincerely thank you,

Wattanee Audrain