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North Star Halibut

North Star Halibut

With a home base in picturesque Petersburg, Alaska, North Star Halibut has been sustainably catching wild Alaskan fish since 2010. With over 10 years of experience, fishing Alaskan waters, Captain Jim Smith knows where to find the best halibut, cod, and other delicious catches. The beautiful North Pacific scenery isn’t the only thing that makes North Star special; we’re also 100% family owned and operated. (In fact, our youngest workers are just as passionate about sustainable fishing as their parents.)

When you buy Alaskan seafood for delivery from North Star Halibut, you can be confident you’re getting the freshest, most high-quality catch. Between our unique one fish - one catch method and our intentional care for each and every fish, our seafood is second to none. If you're looking for the freshest seafood from Alaska, North Star Halibut is the right family fishing company for you.

At North Star Halibut, we’re not just family-owned, we’re also family-operated. (And there’s no age limit on who can help out on the boat!) From parents and co-captains, Jim and Chelsea Smith, to our three kids, you can be sure that we’re passing on the highest quality fresh catches to your family from our very own!

Captain Jim