Kozie Kuties

Kozie Kuties For years I have attended many baby showers. I found myself watching the soon to be mothers opening the same gifts over and over. As I contemplated the gift I would be giving, I found myself wanting to do something different. So, I started thinking about how to make the gifts more personal to each individual. I always started with several questions that needed to be answered…

What is the theme of the baby’s room?
Do the parents have a color scheme?
Do the parents prefer simplicity or embellishment?
With these questions I was able to create a fun and unique baby gift. Parents loved them and friends wanted them which started my journey on making personalized and custom baby treasures. From this Kozie Kuties was born…

With Kozie Kuties you can get that special baby a unique and personalized gift choosing from products such as, embellished onesies, burp cloths, binky and stroller straps, blankets, and travel blankets. I also have something for the kiddos with dresses, tutu’s, hair accessories, and ties.

All of the Kozie Kutie creations are crafted and sewn by myself. I use high quality materials that are cute, cuddly, and comfy thus transforming your ‘lil one into a Kozie Kutie.