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Hunger Bomb Cookies

Hunger Bomb Cookies Tanya’s baking journey started as a little girl in a small kitchen in Clinton, Ohio. Her father’s sweet tooth forced Tanya and her mother to hide whatever treats they had in crazy places (sometimes even the dishwasher!) so he would still eat his dinner.
Her dad, Chuck, was always delighted with her creations, and a baker’s heart was born! Her love for baking developed into an interest in nutrition & wellness, and Tanya became a dietitian through The University of Akron. It was through her work as a corporate dietitian that the idea for “Hunger-Bombs” was born. Appalled at the unhealthy ingredients in typical desserts, Tanya decided that instead of giving up cookies, she would create one with great taste, and one that is nutritious as well! After months of perfecting the recipe, she finally made it: a cookie that fills you up, satisfies your sweet tooth, and doesn’t spike your blood sugar!
Tanya’s dad passed away in 2015, and she realized life is too short not to follow your passions. She left the corporate world and stays closer to home in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she is helping people eat and live healthy, growing her new business, and baking with a smile on her face each week.