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FernDiggidy Sweets & Treats

FernDiggidy Sweets & Treats Hi I'm Fernanda Sayles, I'm a Texas raised down south country girl, but my home is where my heart is and thats right here in the valley of the sun, Phoenix, Arizona. Go Sun Devils! I started my business in 2015, while working at a doctors office, but it really dates back to watching my mama bake "Peach Cobbler" as a young girl right here in South Phoenix. I have been making Banana Pudding since I was in grade school, I would make it without bananas because my brother was allergic. I will soon be offering Banana Pudding without bananas, called "Nana's Pudding. The whole reasoning behind me placing my desserts in mason jars, was to keep my family from fighting over the last corner of my Peach Cobbler. "O" how sweet are family functions now. We do everything big in Texas, so if you are having a huge event or backyard BBQ, call me. I would love to serve you, your family and friends. Please checkout my menu including a wide selection of delicious desserts for you to choose from. Thank y'all for stopping by!