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Open every
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Empanada Empire

Empanada Empire

My name is Tatiana Quintero, owner of the Empanada Empire, a company that produces and distributes Colombian Empanadas in Arizona. As a Colombian who has lived in Mexico and now based in the United States. with a passion for the culinary world. I created the company to not only make typical Colombian empanadas but also to merge new flavors. 10 years ago, I conceived this business idea that started with traditional Colombian empanadas and then elaborating it with a recipe that was inherited from my grandmother. My vision is to be one of the leading companies in the sector whose owner is a woman and employs other female heads of the family. 


Reach all supermarkets with frozen packages of empanadas nationwide, making it easy for all consumers to make their lives easier when cooking. and put Colombian cafeterias offering a unique experience when having breakfast with a real Colombian coffee and some good empanadas, feeling in Colombia for a few minutes. 


The main values ​​for Empanada Empire are: Honesty, equality, punctuality and, above all, mutual respect for all members of the Empire family.