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Beal Beans

Beal Beans


There is perhaps not a more pervasive beverage in the wider culture than coffee. It’s built into the fabric of our daily lives; it’s a ritual that we share individually and together. We believe in the power of this magical beverage and have developed a number of processes around its preparation and distribution to bring it to you in the most thoughtful and sustainable methods possible.

We start at the source and target farms that use organic practices, and are family owned, or village cooperatives. Our coffee is organic, rainforest alliance certified, fair trade, and or natural processed depending on region and climate. For example, in regions with drought, we source a naturally processed bean that is hand turned and dried in the sun rather than water processed to reduce water waste.

Coffee packaging is a major form of waste. In order to curb our consumption we use 90 to 100% compostable, biodegradable or reusable packaging on all products. We invite you to join the effort to grow our coffee community more sustainably by offering refillable tins with a dollar off each refill!

We promise to always strive to leave this Earth better than we found it.


Blake Beal

He puts the Beal in Beal Beans. Blake is our head coffee roaster and resident coffee nerd. With his education in socio-political science and activism background, Blake hopes to be an outpost for change in coffee culture all the way down the line from cultivation to consumption.

Pashlee Beal

Co-owner, both utility player and resident silly goose, Pashlee loves being face to face with customers and running behind the scenes operations. She hopes to use her diverse background in environmentalism, anthropology and a long history in the food industry to build a sustainable business that has lasting positive impact.