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Anita's AREA Farms Arizona

Anita's AREA Farms Arizona



A little about Anita

Born in Arizona and raised in Michigan. Around age 20 I felt Arizona calling me. I moved here in 1997 and have made it my home. Since being here, and probably like most people in their 20's, I have learned so much! A friend of mine explained the difference between Conventional & Organic Growing practices and I was shocked to learn the difference... This knowledge really had me questioning what I had been eating my whole life from the Supermarkets. My friend suggested I find a Farmers Market and that I would learn more there. At the time there was only one in town - The Roadrunner Park Farmers Market! Holy cow, I was instantly in love and felt like I had found "My People". I went every Saturday, and was dedicated. I would get there when they opened and stayed for hours every weekend. Forming many bonds & friendships over these years of attending the Market - times I will truly cherish forever.

This is also how I entered the Farming world. I met Janna Anderson, of Pinnacle Farms, who was a WOMAN FARMER!! Talk about serendipitous... Janna and I worked together for just about 12 years total. That first year we grew her operation from 1/2 acres of land to 2 acres. I had been managing a small family owned Café full time when the opportunity to help Janna came about.  I cut my hours back to Part time at the Café and worked part time for Janna. These were some of the most rewarding years of my life. 

I continued on in the same community by Managing Farmers Markets for many years, and helping many small businesses grow, expand and streamline their operations. I have been with my Life Partner for just over 12 years now, helping him raise his children and creating a home of our own. Jimmie is an amazing gardener with such an artistic eye - his garden designs are quite amazing. At this point, I just give it up to him - he's a true artist and our yard has always been gorgeous since him being in my life - I feel lucky to have such an amazing guy at my side, supporting me! 

We currently focus on Edible Landscapes in residential settings. AREA Farms would like to expand the edible landscaping arm of business and awareness. We are also looking for a plot of land just to farm on - that has proven difficult as we would like something in town, nearby where we live. Again, to keep the focus on small spaces - lots of food - "you can do it too" kind of vibe. 

Cheers, and I look forward to getting to know you too!

~ Anita