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Open every
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6th Day Farms

6th Day Farms


Michael is Jennifer's husband of 13 years, a father of 2, works a full-time job off of the farm, pastors at our church, President of Maricopa Pantry, proud Navy veteran, fixer-of-things, and a farmer on top of it all! We are so grateful for all that he does for us and our community.


Jennifer is Michael's wife, a mother, a homeschool momma, the Sunday school teacher at our church, the Director of Development at Maricopa Pantry, our delivery driver, a social media manager, a proud full-time farmer... and, we're sure we are forgetting at least a thing or two.

Molly and Rori

Molly & Aurora (Rori) are 7 & 5 years old. They are our go-to gals for help with anything. They are the best farmhands, bottle feed the calves, gather eggs, help with inside chores, provide entertainment at every business meeting, and are the reasons we started this whole, crazy adventure. They like to go everywhere with us, and understand the hard work it takes to serve your community from farm to community service.