The Uptown Farmers Market is Now Open!

This is Daniel Noffsinger, he’s a Cartel coffee roaster and brewed the coffee offered at the market.

Last Saturday, November 1st, 2014 was our very first market day.  We had 35 vendors and a fantastic turnout.

We kept hearing people say things like “I feel like I’m in the midwest.”  After our long hot summer, a beautiful day with a high of 80 degrees with a breeze was so welcome. It’s finally time to linger outdoors.

Here are  some of the photos we took Saturday. If you took any, please share them with us (email We’d love to see how you spent the morning at the Uptown Farmers Market.

Come on down this Saturday, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter, that’s where you can get the latest updates on who’ll be at the market and all the great goodies you’ll find so you can plan out your meals and shopping list. We heard there will be persimmons at Horny Toad Farms booth on Saturday. See you there!

Arizona Microgreens

Our beautiful banner

McClendon’s Select Booth

Cherry tomatoes from Taste of Paradis

Uptown Farmers Market