Chef Demonstration with Noble Eatery

We celebrated February 13th with a Special Valentine’s Day Market. With vendor specials, sweet treats abound, and a Valentine card making station it was only fitting that we made something heart-shaped with a special chef to commence the day! We were honored to welcome Chef Claudio Urciuoli and Jason Raducha from Noble Eatery (home of the famous Noble Bread) to the market for an interactive demonstration of Heart Shaped Noble Bread with Avocado Smorgas.

First, many of you may be wondering what a “smorgas” actually is! Smorgas is an open faced sandwich, typically topped with a vegetable. For this Valentine’s Day Smorgas, kids at the market used cookie cutters to create a heart-shaped portion of freshly baked Noble bread. Chef Urciuoli then combined perfectly ripe Avocados and juicy Tomatoes from McClendon’s Select, to smear atop the bread. No frills, no stress — just a serious baker with 3 perfect main ingredients on a beautiful day. This relaxed vibe, combined with great food made from simple, earthy ingredients, is typical of Chef Urciuoli and is exactly what you can expect when you visit Noble Eatery.

While the students from C-CAP diced tomatoes from McClendon’s Select, Chef Urciuoli whipped together the avocado, tomatoes, a little salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a dash of ground chili flakes.

“Sometimes the best foods are the simplest foods,” Chef Urciuoli said. Few words spoken have been truer, or spoken more clearly about Noble Bread itself — the bread itself is uncomplicated and delicious, which is why it has such a fan following! Not only were the ingredients to this demo simple, but the process is easy to replicate at home as well. Once the Avocado spread is combined, simply smear over the bread and serve — the perfect afternoon snack everyone will enjoy!

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the C-CAP students for slicing and dicing, Chef Urciuoli and Jason Raducha for making such a fun, seasonal dish and McClendon’s Select for contributing vibrant, flavorful produce for this demonstration. To stay in the know about upcoming Chef Demonstrations or Special Markets, subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletter and find us on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.)