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Wong’s Family Farm

Fred and Tina Wong

In 1992, Fred and Tina Wong purchased their first acre of land in the Verde Valley. They planted their first 60 fruit trees and cultivated a small area to start growing vegetables. Today, with over 120 fruit trees, Fred and Tina grow their pesticide-free fruits and vegetables on 3 acres of land.

Wong’s Farm brings a variety of fruits and vegetables to the market throughout the growing season. The entire growing process is done by just the two of them and they make sure the planting, maintenance, and picking of the produce is done with care. From tomatoes to Asian pears, the colorful array of their produce will draw your attention and leave your taste buds wanting more.

Before retiring in 2016, Fred and Tina owned and operated the Grand Canyon Cafe in Flagstaff. When in season, they would serve their homegrown fruits and vegetables to their customers. An instant favorite was the BLT served with fresh field grown tomatoes. One of the most frequent comments was “Now that’s what a tomato should taste like!” Seeing people enjoy the fruits of their labor always brings a smile to their face and makes farming worth their while.