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The Tamale Store

The Tamale Store

Voted “BEST TAMALES IN PHOENIX” by The Phoenix New Times and “BEST LOCAL PRODUCT” by Phoenix Magazine, these tamales clearly have a strong local following. Owned and operated by Martha Castillo and her family, they’ve been making tamales since 2008 and they’ve been loving it ever since.

What are our tamales made with? Maiz and spice and everything nice! Love is our secret ingredient. NO lard, shortenings, gluten, preservatives, MSG, soy, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, or junk here. Before The Tamale Store I owned several restaurants and catering companies with my husband Joe Pimienta. Always with good reviews but never quite the success we had anticipated. I finally decided that my real passion was not so much the entirety of Mexican cuisine, but one specific dish: tamales. For 5 years I worked on perfecting the recipe, driving everyone crazy in the process I’m sure. Everyone that has succeeded at anything also knows that success and being a bit crazy go hand in hand. Finally in 2008, after years of practically sleeping in the kitchen, the perfect tamale was born and The Tamale Store opened. Today, you can find Joe and I working alongside one another (best friends and happily divorced) with our three daughters doing what we do best. Perfecting the art of tamale making while simultaneously attempting to take over the tamale universe. It’s a tough job, but like we always say, challenge accepted!

-Martha Castillo, Owner

Check out this sampling from their October – January menu…


CHICKEN GREEN CHILE– All natural shredded chicken breast with a mild salsa verde made from fresh tomatillos, cilantro, and roasted green chiles.

PORK RED CHILE– Shredded pork marinated in a delicious adobada sauce. Traditional and yet like nothing you’ve ever tried.

PORK GREEN CHILE– Shredded pork with a delicious salsa verde made from fresh tomatillos, cilantro, and roasted green chiles.

CHICKEN CHIPOTLE (Pronounced Chi-pote-ley)- Shredded chicken with a moderately spicy chipotle salsa. Perfect for those who like a tiny kick!

TEX-MEX– A generous portion of ground beef marinated in our mild red chile  salsa with a delicious monterey jack cheese center. A true tex-mex classic!

CHICKEN MOLE (Pronounced MO-LEY)- A real Oaxacan Favorite! Made with shredded chicken breast and a sweet and savory mole sauce. Our famous mole sauce is made with various mild Mexican chiles, cocoa, peanuts, cinnamon, and sesame seeds.  *NOT GLUTEN FREE due to the flour in the sauce*


GREEN CORN & CREAM CHEESE– Fresh Corn and mild New Mexican Hatch green chiles  mixed in the masa with a mouthwatering cream cheese center. One of our most popular! 

POBLANO CHILES & MONTEREY JACK CHEESE– Similar to the flavor of a chile relleno, this delicious and moderately spicy tamale includes poblano chiles, roasted to perfection, with a gooey monterey jack cheese center.

BEANS & CHEESE-  Vegetarian refried beans with a monterey jack cheese center. Simple yet unbelievably wonderful. 


CILANTRO BLACK BEAN– Wonderfully moist and modestly spicy masa  made with fresh cilantro, jalapeños, and a delicious black bean center. A real vegan favorite!

VEGAN– A great combination of fresh mushrooms, local organic spinach, and corn, marinated in an a mild red chile salsa. Artistically crafted to perfection. 



Phone: 602-435-2604