Project Description



Squarz was created by Steven Gerner in 2011 to join the epic battle against bland and uninteresting food. Steven lived in New Zealand as a child and South Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer where he fell in love with the classic British meat pie. As a 5th generation baker, Steven has enjoyed a family tradition and passion towards innovative food creations.

Squarz pies come ready-to-eat or frozen and ready to bake. Pop them in the oven straight from the freezer and you’ve got a delicious meal in 20 minutes.

Pies come either in a single size 3x3 (pack of 4) or double size 3x6 (pack of 8).  Sample flavors include: Apple, BBQ pork, bacon & egs, chicken pot pie, chicken and mushroom, lentil curry, pepperoni pizza, shepherd’s pie, spinach and feta, and thai green curry chicken.


Phone: 480-788-8776 (Tempe location) and 602-935-7520 (Scottsdale location)

Email: (Tempe location) and (Scottsdale location)