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Patti's Joy

Patti’s Joy

Patti Byhoff has been teaching lavender crafting for the past 16 years at lavender festivals throughout New Mexico and Washington State. 

Her interest in lavender began while living in New Mexico, where lavender is plentiful. She was intrigued by the plant and began researching it’s history and uses throughout the centuries. Shocked to learn how many medicinal uses this wonderful plant possess, she began to share this knowledge with others.

Her business began when her husband retired in 2013. She created products she knew people would love and need; from nature to nurture, to feed your body and soul. Everything is handmade, even the lavender oil! All of Patti’s products are certified organic. 

At the market you can find:

The finest Culinary Lavender, Lavender Buds, Dryer Balls, Lavender Sachets, Dried Lavender Bundles, Soothing & Detoxing Bath Salts (Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus), Lavender Infused Honey, Candles(Lavender, Lemon Verbena and a combination), Everything Sprays (for body, furniture, linens and rooms), Lavender Eye Pillows, and Lavender Neck Pillows!

In the Winter Months only you can find:

Lavender Lemon Cookies, Lavender Scones, and Lavender Chocolate Truffles.

Contact: Patti Byhoff


Phone: 480-361-5822


Twitter: @pattisjoy