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Majestic Garlic

Majestic Garlic

While strolling through a farmer’s market in San Diego last summer, our family discovered Majestic Garlic, a California-made, unique, raw, sprouted hummus.  Like so many of our now-customers, we claimed it was “the best hummus we’ve ever had” and fell in love with it instantly.  We began driving 4 hours to California every month just to purchase that hummus for our family.  Pretty soon, we were picking up orders for our friends and extended family.  Finally the owner/creator of Majestic Garlic suggested that we try branching into Arizona Farmers Markets.  It went so well that in 2015 we were dubbed as supplier for the entire the state of Arizona…and that is how this young family, with a history in real estate, became hummus vendors! 

Majestic Garlic proudly offers:

Sprouted HummusPacked with nutrients, alkalizing and easily digestible, we offer many flavors to choose from, including: Original, Sun Dried Tomato, Cilantro Jalapeno, Goji Berry, Curry, Cayenne, Almond Date, Chipotle, & Beet.   Sprouting is what sets our hummus apart from other products out there due to the texture, flavor, & tremendous nutritious value it provides.

Garlic Spread Great as a marinade, dip or spread, the silky, smooth texture of our garlic spread brings garlic lovers coming back for more. Choose from a variety of flavors: Original, Basil, Sun Dried Tomato Jalapeño, Chipotle, Cucumber Mint, & many more. It is a unique and versatile product.

All of our products are:

·       Fresh, Raw, Vegan

·       Allergy Friendly (dairy free, sesame free, gluten free)

·       Organic & Non-GMO ingredients

·       No carbs, cholesterol, saturated fats, or sugar

Contact: Brian Plemons



Phone: 602-672-8359


Instagram: @majesticagarlicaz

Twitter: @MajesticG_AZ