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Double Check Ranch

Double Check Ranch

Double Check Ranch raises grassfed beef on their ranch in Winkelman, which is located on the western side of the Lower San Pedro River Valley. They also raise cattle on their other property located at Cold Creek Ranch on the New Mexico border along the Mogollon Rim just east of Clifton. Here’s some of what you might find in the cold case at the market:, including their unique flavorful beef jerky (Grassfed Beef Crisps)

They have a total of about 12,000 acres are under the direct management and care of the Double Check Ranch family operation. “We attempt to supply as much of the beef as we can directly from our herd and our land, but demand is such that for years we’ve been sourcing cattle from a network of friends, neighbors, and regional ranches that raise to our specifications.”

Double Check Ranch was started by Eric and Jean Schwennesen and now run by their son Paul and his wife Sarah Schwennesen. “We exist to produce humane and sustainable beef that symbiotically works to restore the land to health, educate people and bring back the integral connection between the food producer and consumer.”

You can even pitch a tent on their Winkelman Ranch or stay in their new small cabin (with outhouse):


Phone: 520.357.6515