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Simple Soda Co.

Simple Soda Co.


We manufacture an all-natural Juice based carbonated beverage. It’s a better option than normal high-fructose corn syrup drinks or artificially sweetened drinks. We use real ingredients that your body recognizes and can digest normally. Plus it tastes amazing! Our product is shelf stable and will last 9-12 months from the date of production. We DO NOT add any preservatives or artificial ingredients or flavors. The color and flavor only comes from the fruit it is made with.


I grew up on a fruit farm in Mexico. We moved to the US when I was 13. I always had a little entrepreneurial drive. When we saw an opportunity to create the company we jumped in feet first. We have had a lot of set backs and a great deal of challenges but we keep pushing forward. There is no reason to stop. Several years after we started our Soda company I came across a history book about my ancestors. The first Bowman that moved to Mexico established a store at the train station. Come to find out he was the first person to bring a soda fountain into Mexico.