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Shrubwell Drink Mixers

Shrubwell Drink Mixers Shrubwell is a concentrated drink mixer, made by hand with fresh unique ingredients, for well-balanced cocktails + mocktails. Simply add Shrubwell to seltzer or liquor for a tart, fruity, botanical beverage that’s lightly sweet and full of complex flavor. Our mixers are all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, low in sugar, and made locally in small batches with regional ingredients, whole spices, and aged vinegars.

Shrubwell is the creation of Courtney & Chris Marks, we’re Central Phoenix food nerds who are excited to contribute something we love to our flourishing food community. We created Shrubwell because we wanted to introduce an inclusive and delicious mixer that would bring people together to enjoy a curious new drink and start a conversation, with or without alcohol. A drink for everyone!

Our shrub mixers are well-balanced, lightly sweet and highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.
To make a cocktail, mix 1 oz of Shrubwell with 2 oz of liquor over ice. Shake and strain, or top with seltzer.
For a refreshing non-alcoholic mocktail, mix 1 oz of Shrubwell with 6 oz of seltzer, soda, tea, juice, tonic, or water over ice.