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Our Chefs

We, Chefette Maria & Chef Kevin Lebron are excited to present our vision to you.  


A little bit of our Pacha story: 


In 2018, I Chefette Maria,  decided to make a big change and go Plant Based.  I was really excited about trying this new way of life and the health benefits that would come along with it.  However, in doing so, it didn't take long to see that the options (although there are great concepts in the valley) are still limited in the Metro Phoenix area.  Married to a Chef, we love to go out and enjoy local eats, but it had become a bit challenging to do so in a way that didn't include processed mock meats or resulting in ordering a "side of this and a side of that" to make up a meal.  After frequenting the same places over and over, I realized there was not only a void in my personal life, but in the community.  I knew that there could be a different approach to plant based eating.  I wanted to create a place that would provide global flavors with a Latin twist  using simple yet innovative ingredients.  After a few weeks of the idea marinating in my brain, I finally approached my husband, Chef Kevin about my idea...His response was perfect, and  it was then that the idea of Pachamama came about.


Right beside me - Chef Kevin has over 20 years of experience cooking all types of food.  I knew that with his help, we could really have some fun with our menu creations.  He  was really excited about the challenge of creating plant based food at a chef driven level that would be welcoming and inviting to everyone.  We wanted to provide a concept that people talk about whether you are 100% plant based or not.  


It was equally if not more important, to be sure to give thanks to Mother Earth for all that she provides to us - and so there was no better name for us than that: Pachamama.  


We are grateful to introduce it to you!