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Mediterra Bakehouse

Mediterra Bakehouse Mediterra bakes big traditional loaves with few ingredients and long fermentation times. The base for the loaves are unbleached and upbromated flour (and some loves have organic flour, too), filtered water and salt.

From their website: “What’s with the dark crust?” At Mediterra Bakehouse we bake traditional bread; our kilo (almost 5 lbs) Mt. Athos fire bread is made in the same way as the traditional bakeries of Europe. These large loaves are made to last a long time as they were in Europe, baked in village ovens once a week, they had to last until the next bake. We love large loaves; the bigger the better, the ratio of crust to crumb gives you the perfect bite in every piece. It is not uncommon to have one of our European customers call from out of town and order 5 or 6 of these big loaves. As far as I am concerned the darker the crust on this loaf (also on farm, sourdough) the better, it seems that for 2 reasons we love darker crust, first, the caramelizing of the dark crust gives a sweeter and nuttier taste, second, darker crust gives a better balance to breads that are sour, when the crust is too light the sour taste can dominate a loaf of bread. We also know that a loaf of bread can be over baked and ultimately you are the judge of this, give it your own test, try 2 farm breads; one baked a dark coffee color and another light and golden, send us a note and let us know what you think!