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m+a naturals

m+a naturals m+a started as a healing project for Marisa and her sister, Alicia. Marisa’s husband was fatally injured in 2016. Soon after his passing, she began focusing on her journey of life. Love, spirituality, and clean living became her beacon. It was that beacon that led her to become a founder of m+a naturals. Marisa’s late husband's love for his family led us to create m+a naturals. She was motivated by his passing to pursue her passion that embodies living a more natural life, hence the birth of m+a naturals, a small batch, non-toxic, handmade skin-care, and home products.

Vendor products

  • m+a naturals

radiant beauty oil (2 ounce glass container and dropper)

  • m+a naturals

radiant hair oil (2 ounce container and dropper)

  • m+a naturals

radiant dry body oil (5 ounce glass container with traveling cap and pump)

  • m+a naturals

aromatherapy focus essential oil roller (0.3 ounce)

  • m+a naturals

rinse-free hand cleanser (2 ounce mist)