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Mr. Momo

Mr. Momo Namaste! Everest MoMo is the first Nepali-Indian Food Truck in Arizona. Our goal is to not only satisfy your hunger, but also your soul. We want you to Feel Good after eating our food. We take pride in being the first and only Food Truck bringing you the traditional Nepali dish from the Top of the World to the valley of Phoenix.

MoMos, our signature dish, are Nepali dumplings that are filled with meats, organic vegetables, herbs and spices. To keep the flavors authentic, we only use the BEST ingredients. Each order of MoMos is served with delicious homemade sauces. We Love it, Nepal loves it and we are confident it’s going to be a local favorite very soon.

Enjoying MoMos is more than a healthy means of satisfying hunger. Each MoMo is freshly made by hand daily with ingredients sourced from local farms. These delicious dumplings are cooked over steam to enhance the flavors and maintain nutrition. Tasting this favorite Nepali food will transport your senses to the exotic Himalayas. And..they are low in fat, calories and sodium. As Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine.”

The Environment and Everest MoMo:
Everest MoMo is committed to being eco-friendly, sustainable and at the forefront of food waste reduction. To that end, we serve our food in 100% bio-degradable containers, source our ingredients from local farms and participate in the ugly produce program to help make an impact on the community and environment.