Cruz Farm Eggs

Cruz Farm Eggs “We champion an ethical farming model that respects the animals, the land, and the journey from our farm to your table. A model that focuses on sustainability and renewing various tried-and-true traditional methods.”
— Gabriel Cruz, CEO

Welcome to our farm.
Situated between the foothills of the sublime Chiricahua Mountains of Southern Arizona, Cruz Farm is a fourth-generation, family-run farm committed to natural and sustainable farming. It is our responsibility to uphold ethical and humane standards that address the direct and indirect impact our work has on the environment.
We stand by our core values of hard work, transparency, and family.
Through four generations of hard work, transparency and family, we believe respecting the land and our animals guarantees the freshest quality. As the largest, single-owned, pasteurized farm in the United States, our number one priority lies in diligently providing a safe and pristine environment for our animals.
At Cruz Farm, we are committed to maintaining a farming model that supports sustainable, ethical and regenerative techniques.
Our Ground.
With the boundless lands of Southern Arizona and Mexico possessing the optimal climate, our soil supports the best of organic and conventional methods of cultivation.
Cruz Farm is diligently maintained to provide our animals and plants with a safe and pristine environment, free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics.