A-Diamond Ranch Jojoba Beef

A-Diamond Ranch Jojoba Beef A-Diamond Ranch, owned by Rancher Gregg Vinson, is located just outside of Kearny, Arizona. Gregg was awarded Conservation Rancher of the Year by AZ Game and Fish, and has been selling exclusively at the Tucson Farmers Market for the last 10 years. His 100% free-range cattle beef is raised on a diet that is heavy on jojoba, which acts as a superfood for the animal. The chemical analysis shows it to be much more beneficial for the animal’s health, as well as the person who consumes it. It produces a meat that is high is Omega 3 fatty acids instead of omega 6 fatty acids as compared to conventional beef. Additionally, the flavor is uniquely delicious. Gregg’s daughter, Kristen, lives right here in North Central and has recently decided to get back into the family business — hence the adorable name: “the Rancher’s Daughter”.

At market you will find: ground beef, chorizo, bratwurst, breakfast sausage and hot Italian sausage.